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Skweet Sport Bottle Wash

Clean it once and clean it right.

Jennifer Letscher

My Story

I was on a 56 mile bike ride with two filled water bottles that tasted like soap.

I couldn't do anything about it until halfway through my ride. So I drank soapy water. Not a great experience. I asked my biking friends, tri-friends and the guys at my favorite bike shop what they did to keep their sports bottle from tasting soapy.

They all said the same thing: rinse and rinse and rinse and hope they got all the soap out.

Some even put their bottles into the dishwasher, which is potentially dangerous because some water bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA) and extreme heat can release BPA from the plastic bottle allowing it to leech into your water. Also dishwashers can warp the plastic lids and sippy tops making the bottles leak.

After that, I began a quest looking for an effective bottle wash that wouldn't be soap-based and found that there was nothing out there. So I decided to create Skweet. And since I was making this myself I wanted something that was all natural, easily biodegradable and with no residual after taste.

I wanted to make the water bottle washing process simple and easy. Hopefully, ending the pile-up of unwashed bottles gathering next to my sink each week. I also wanted to make it affordable, so that I wouldn't have to ration out my cleaning - used only on the super stinky or dirty bottles. And last, but probably most importantly, I wanted to use less water to wash out a water bottle. Skweet rinses out quickly and easily.

I hope you and your sports bottles enjoy being Skweet.

Jennifer Letscher - Founder of Skweet
Jennifer Letscher, Founder and Tri Junkie

All Natural / 100% Biodegradable / Non-toxic / Easy on the Earth

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