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Skweet Sport Bottle Wash

Clean it once and clean it right.

Jennifer Letscher

Skweet 6.0 ounce tub

Skweet 6.0 ounce tub

Skweet® Sport Bottle Wash cleans and deodorizes without a soapy after-taste. Get the funk out.

ATTENTION: We are no longer fulfilling online orders.

If you live in the US, we encourage you to purchase from Same price, same Skweet!

Our granular powder formula is all natural and non-toxic. Skweet is also fast and easy to use. Each 6.0 oz tub has about 24 washes.

INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, citric acid, yellow prussiate of soda, grapefruit oil.

For customers in the UK, you can buy online from

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All Natural / 100% Biodegradable / Non-toxic / Easy on the Earth

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